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Facebook Mobile Ads – They’re Working!

We just spent the weekend at the American Association of Cosmetology Schools annual convention. It was great to see our clients and to hear about the challenges these business owners face when determining their marketing spends. Even though our focus is email marketing, we still want our clients to use every tool in the box – as long as that tool works!

Some tools we used to rely on, like yellow pages and direct mail, have lost their power to deliver. Other tools, like Facebook, leave businesses confused… how should I spend my advertising dollars on Facebook?

Well, a new report from Mashable suggests mobile ads are the best place to spend your Facebook dollars right now. Why? They are still relatively cheap and they generate a higher click-through rate. While it is too early to know if this trend will last, we think it is worth checking out, at least for the short term.

Keeping your ad budget flexible, so you can try something out, track it, and move on if you aren’t getting the results, is the key. Learn more by reading the entire article on

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