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NPR Story Implies Cosmetology Industry is Over-Regulated.

This morning, NPR ran a story suggesting that licensing regulations in industries like cosmetology are making it harder for people to get jobs. The story implied that professional associations like PBA support strong licensing regulations in order to limit outside competition for licensed cosmetologists. The issue at hand – should someone be able to operate a braiding and hair extension business in Utah without a cosmetology license? According to the state of Utah, the answer is no. And, according to the NPR report, this “over-regulation” is preventing some individuals from earning a living.

The national economy may be on a slow road to recovery, but suggesting that the cosmetology industry – which has continued to add jobs to the economy every year -is contributing to America’s high unemployment rates, just doesn’t seem right. If someone decided to open a teeth cleaning operation in their home with no dental training or supervision, we highly doubt NPR would run a story on unfair regulation. To us this seems like the same thing. What do you think?

You can listen to the entire story here:

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