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Challenges with Facebook.

Facebook for business has become essential. But does it work? Are businesses (and schools) actually generating new business and enrollments through their Facebook pages? The anecdotal evidence is not strong and now a few studies point to a compelling reason… most people are not interested in “liking” brands and retailers.

Emarketer Daily puts it this way, “Facebook Users Are Slow to ‘Like’ Brands and Retailers. It is one thing to “like” a funny video or party photo because of the human connection, but branded Facebook pages are not as immediately likeable in and of themselves. The rate at which consumers “like” commercial pages reflects that. What consumers expect to gain from liking a retailer or manufacturer on Facebook is also different than that of non-commercial pages. Read the Full Article.

How can you make your Facebook page work better as a recruiting tool? One simple idea is to get your current students and graduates involved. Encourage them to post their experiences, stories and successes on your school Facebook page. And take lots of  pictures! Post photos on a regular basis and write posts to encourage your fans to check out the latest postings.

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