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Beauty Industry Statistics

Beauty Employment Outlook Is Still Strong.

With the economy continuing to stall out with little or no job growth occurring nationally this summer, the beauty industry continues to beat the odds. According to the US Department of Labor 10 Year Projections (2008-2018) the beauty industry will continue to see steady growth.


  • Employment in personal care and service occupations is anticipated to grow by 20 percent over the projection period, adding more than 1 million jobs to the US economy.
  • Skin care specialists will experience an estimated 38% growth.
  • Cosmetologists will experience a significant 20% increase.
  • Massage therapists’, Manicurists and Pedicurists employment is expected to grow by 19%.
  • Employment is expected to grow 17% for Make-up Artists.

As many industries continue to scale back, eliminate positions, and lay-off people with “soft skills” including those with four year and advanced degrees, the hands-on, specific, practical skill set of a cosmetologist or esthetician will provide  job security and opportunity in the future.

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