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Marketing Tips from NewsletterMoxie

Three Great Ideas for QR Codes.

Many of our clients are using QR codes to market their schools. We love QR codes, when they are used correctly! If you are thinking about using QR codes for your school, check out these three campaign ideas…

1. In your student salon – use QR codes to provide clients access to special coupons or offers. Reward your loyal clients and bring new business through the door.

2. At college fairs and other community events… instead of handing out a boring fact sheet about your school, pass out stickers with your school name and a QR code that links to your mobile website.

3. To grow your Facebook community… use a QR code to instantly connect prospects, students and clients to your Facebook page so they can “like” your school, enter a contest, view your latest photos and more!

Want to see what NOT to do? Here is a great article from Blue Fountain Media about QR campaigns gone wrong…

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